This will be one of the harder lists to update. The reason for this is because, there's different commands on every server. I'm going to give a general command list, which means they're the same on many servers, mostly all of them.

Player Commands:

::char,::look - Change your characters appearance

::players - Check how many players are online

::afk - Your player will yell I'm AFK

::info,::help - Usually pulls up help for the server

::yell - Yells a message across the server where everyone can see

::commands - Pulls up commands list (Usually)

Moderator Commands:

::noclip - Allows you to walk through walls (Not all moderators can do this on some servers it will ban them)

::tele ####,#### - Enter numbers in the #'s, this will teleport you to the coordinates you entered.

::kick, ::kickuser - Kicks the player off the server, enter a name after the command

::mute - Will mute the player specified

::ban, ::banuser - Bans the user specified

Admin/Owner Commands:

::god - Enables your character to fly like super man (Not on all servers)

::xteleall - Teleports all players to where you stand

::pickup #### - Spawns an item depending on what code you enter in

::npc #### - Spawns an NPC depending on the number entered

::pnpc #### - Changes your appearance so that you're an NPC of some sort, depending on the number entered in

(Admins and owner also have the same commands as everyone else below them)

If you have any other commands that work on most servers, please contact me through the forums!